Apuldram Around


Rain, rain, rain…..
Two years ago it was noted in Apuldram Around that since 2016, when repairs were carried out on the path to the church and to the drainage to Church Lane, flooding had become a thing of the past. Cars could navigate the lane without water up to their axles and pedestrians walk up the path without wearing wellies. Sadly an optimistic statement! Once again, shortly before Christmas, the lane was deep in water, as was the footpath to the church. The latter is no longer a problem for churchgoers as access is available through the new church car park but the flooding of the lane caused the cancellation of services. However, this is really a very insignificant problem when taken against the bad flooding in other parts of the country or the devastatingly destructive fires burning in Australia in which lives, homes, livelihoods, livestock and possibly half a billion wild animals have been lost.

This year the season of Epiphany
finishes on Sunday 23rd February. Lent follows on with Ash Wednesday on 26th February and Easter Sunday on 12th April.

Reading through the visitors’ book
is always fascinating. The church is only open from Easter through to the end of October and yet there are visitors leaving their names in the book on an almost daily basis during this period. Many more must visit without writing in the book. Why do they come to our out-of-the-way church? Some obviously know the area, enjoy walking and visiting churches, some come through family connections, some are holidaying in the area and some simply come across it while out walking. Last year we had visitors from Australia and New Zealand, Canada and the USA, Brazil and several European countries: Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Poland. One visitor wrote that he had borrowed one of the hymn books “Great to advance my English!” Another couple wrote ”A magical place to celebrate new love.” Regardless of where people come from, the strong message that stands out is how much they value the peace and beauty of the church and appreciate the care taken of it, especially the flowers.

New telephone number for The Rectory
Please note Moira’s new telephone number : 01243 920346.


St Mary’s Meeting Room
is now available to the community for hire, either by regular users or for one-off events. For further information on availability and rates please contact St Mary’s Meeting Room Administrator at apuldramchurch@gmail.com

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