Parish Letter

The Parish of St Peter & St Mary New Fishbourne
and the Parish of St Mary the Virgin Apuldram

The Revd Canon Moira Wickens
Rector of Fishbourne and Priest in Charge of Apuldram
The Rectory, 31 Caspian Close, Fishbourne, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 8AY
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May 2019

It’s always better together
Just before Lent began some 30 people from our churches signed up to use the book, “40 days of Reflection on the Beatitudes,” written by Stephen Croft. A little book for the weeks of Lent. There has been a lot of good feedback with comments ranging from ‘how easy the book was to use’, to ‘I have learnt so much from it’.
The house group that meets at Barbara Rycroft’s certainly enjoyed using it, and here is an abstract from what they wrote.
Each day is clearly set out, consisting of a Bible reading, reflection on the reading, a prayer and some action to take. It was different to anything else we have studied before or during previous seasons of Lent. It is short and to the point. By studying it each day individually, and then coming together on a Wednesday for discussion, has certainly encouraged some interesting and lively debate.
It has given us an excellent Lenten journey to expand and understand the teachings of Jesus and the Christian Faith. More importantly how to apply them to our everyday life’.
It is always good to know if a recommended book has been of use to people, and there was something very powerful and moving in knowing that so many were reading and reflecting on the same thing each day during Lent. So thank you to all of you who took on this challenge.
Looking ahead, I would now like to encourage as many of you as possible to join me in using another little book, this time between Ascension Day, 30th May, and Pentecost, 9th June. This book is focused on prayer, it is a national initiative encouraging us all to pray: ‘Thy Kingdom Come.’
It will offer us easy to follow short services of Morning, Evening, Day and Night prayer, (you do not have to do them all), and this book will introduce us to, and encourage us with, a daily rhythm of prayer. You can pray by yourself, with a friend or within a group, there is no right or wrong way to pray. Ultimately this little booklet will lead us to pray for those who do not yet know God, those people that we know and love who are searching for meaning in their lives. The cost of this book starts at £1.99, but the price will come down the more we order. So if you would like a copy, do please add your name and contact number to the list at the back of church.
There is no doubt that if for those eleven days a great many people are praying the same thing, amazing things will happen around our communities, and our prayers will also be joining those of hundreds of people throughout the country. So let’s do this book together as well.

May God Bless us all in the weeks to come