Parish Letter

The Parish of St Peter & St Mary New Fishbourne
and the Parish of St Mary the Virgin Apuldram

The Revd Canon Moira Wickens
Rector of Fishbourne and Priest in Charge of Apuldram
The Rectory, 31 Caspian Close, Fishbourne, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 8AY
Rectory Tel (01243) 530198 E-mail
Church Office (01243) 784283 E-mail

November 2019

From The Rectory, an update
Many thanks to those of you who took the time to fill in the magazine survey, it has been very, very helpful.

41 people sent it in, of these 26 have it delivered, 9 collect it from church, 4 people have it now and again, and 2 people would like it delivered to their home, their details will be given to Judith. If you don’t have it delivered, why not consider it now? For just £10 a year you would have it popped through your door every month by one of our willing volunteers. Subscriptions are due in January so this is a good time to contact Judith Russell (Fishbourne) or Hilary Caine (Apuldram), their details are on the back of the magazine, and have your name added to the list. It works out cheaper this way as you actually get a free copy every year.

It was evident that the majority of people really like and value the magazine, some would not mind getting the information on line but most prefer a hard copy. The great news is that we now have someone to do the advertising side which means that the magazine can continue. Natalie (who has taken this on) is in the process of learning her role and then will encourage more people to advertise in our magazine. More details about her will follow. Her help will enable the editor to have more pages in each copy, so all being well the magazine will now grow in size, we have been aware that it has got thinner over recent months.

It was really encouraging to discover how much people enjoyed the magazine; yes there were a few bits some disliked, but the interesting thing is that others in fact liked those same bits. This tells us a great deal about our humanity and the importance of variety. Overall, it was felt that the magazine is a great way for people to keep in touch and to find out what is going on, and to read the wonderful personal stories. Some of the information included in the magazine can also be found on our websites, so do please take a look at them as well.

Many of you came up with some really wonderful suggestions, there were lots of ideas for new articles and other news that could be included. The challenge is, who is going to write them?

And so I encourage you, why don’t you have a go? A list of these suggestions will be at the back of both churches, so do take a look and if you would like to write a short piece that would be great. Please do be aware that the editor simply puts the magazine together, so it really is up to us to supply him with the material. A couple of people noted that at times they had sent an article/poster in but it wasn’t included. This would only have been because there were not enough other bits to fill the necessary pages, or perhaps your email did not get through to him. Chris would love to have lots of articles that he could keep on file and then put in at different times.

I believe that we can continue to create a wonderful magazine. So many of you belong to different groups, or know about interesting walks etc., so please do write about them, send them to Chris so that others may enjoy reading about them. You may even get some new members to your group.

Once again thank you, let us all support those who do so much for our magazine, and not take them for granted. Thank you Natalie for taking on the role of encouraging more people to advertise, and let us all thank God for the many gifted people among us.