Parish Letter

The Parish of St Peter & St Mary New Fishbourne
and the Parish of St Mary the Virgin Apuldram

The Revd Canon Moira Wickens
Rector of Fishbourne and Priest in Charge of Apuldram
The Rectory, 31 Caspian Close, Fishbourne, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 8AY
Rectory Tel (01243) 530198 Church Office (01243) 784283 E-mail

September 2018

Hi, folks! It’s Lemon-Ted here again!
Teds, like me, have plenty of time to ponder. Indeed, sometimes, we spend whole days or weeks just pondering about things, life as we see it, mostly. We are good at pondering and holiday periods are especially good for it. Life is generally a little more relaxed, except in this house where my man elects to work much harder than usual for some reason or other (I shall never understand him!). In my ‘ponders’ (is that a word, I wonder?), I pondered what should be the thinking for life after the holidays?
My man says that some humans compare life to a race, especially to a marathon race (us bears hate athletics, by the way!). It seems that the year to the last summer holiday is part of that race of life and the year that is about to start is a continuation of that race. Apparently, it is all part of the training for the distance of however long life may be. Just like running which requires people to take one step at a time, every day is one further step forward into their life – cue the song: One more step along the road I go! Sometimes, I am told, marathon runners ‘hit the wall physically’ and are tempted to give up as they have run short of energy Working hard in life can bring on the same feelings, especially when things do not always go smoothly. So people have to be determined to do the best they can, to stay focused and keep going. Even us bears have to do this, especially when the weather is harsh and food is scarce!
Some of my ‘ponders’ are about people. There will always be some who fade from life and others who will become part of it. It is sad to lose touch with those who have been part of our lives, but it is a natural thing to happen and all part of travelling from the old to the new. But, it can be exciting to meet new people. Though, this is not always the easiest of tasks. Will they be friendly? Do they share the same interests? How am I going to remember their name (something my man struggles with these days, as you might have noticed!)? Us bears rely on our sense of smell when meeting new bears, both to see if they are friendly (or not!) and to remember them! But, I guess, it would be odd if humans went around sniffing people in order to make such a decision! My man says that making new friends is a bit like breaking in new shoes. (He is such a clever clogs! Get it?) It can be a bit strange and uncomfortable for a while. But, these difficulties pass and, with understanding on both sides, new friendships can be built.
So, my holiday ‘ponders’ have led me to two thoughts to share with you. Firstly, not to give up when life has been tough, not to fall into the trap to expect that life will always be straightforward. For everyone (even us bears!), stuff happens at sometime or other and needs to be faced. It is important to keep sticking at it. Secondly, just be ourselves when meeting new people (or bears!). It is us that they will have to deal with, not some invented character that is difficult to maintain. How we approach these things determines our quality of life. And a positive one always brings the best outcome!
Until next time,
(Rev’d David Hider)