Special Services

It’s your church

Apuldram is blessed with a beautiful church, yet there are many who are unaware that if they live in the community they actually have the right to use the church for either special services, or to come along to now and again. You do not have to be a regular attendee, or even attend services at all to consider the following:

Baptism. This is a special service during which we say ‘Yes’ to God, either for ourselves or on behalf of our children. Sometimes this service is called a ‘Christening’, and a person is never too old to think about it. Many years ago it was the norm for everyone to be baptised when they were young, but I have discovered that there are many people today who, for one reason or another were not, and think it is now too late. Be assured a person can be baptised at any age.

Weddings. The church still remains one of the best value for money venues for a wedding. If you live in  Apuldram , you have the right to get married in your community church. In fact there are several ways in which a couple can claim a connection to a parish church (details about this can be found on the Church of England website), and even those who have been divorced may be able to remarry in church. This all depends on the circumstances of the couple, but always worth asking about.

Funerals. Although it suits some folk, most people are aware of how limiting it can be to have a funeral at the local crematorium. Time is restricted, and many feel it is a bit like a conveyor belt. So why not think about holding your loved one’s service in your local church? There are many options available about the format of the service, all of which will enable you to include everything you would like to. There are no time limits, and no other family waiting for you to vacate the premises. All too often I hear that people think they cannot have a funeral in the church, or have the local vicar conduct it, because they do not attend the regular services. Please be assured that is not true.

Quiet Time.   Life can be so very busy and stressful for a lot of people. Did you know that Apuldram church is open every day from Easter until the end of October (and Fishbourne Church is open every single day of the year)?  You are more than welcome to just pop in, enjoy the peace and quiet, and simply let go of the business of life for a short while. You do not have to ‘do’ anything, but lots of folk find a little time alone works wonders for their stress levels.

St. Mary’s at Apuldram, and St Peter and St. Mary’s at Fishbourne belong to you, so if you would like to find out more about any of the above, please contact the Churchwarden during this time of interregnum.  There are many options available for people, so please do not think that you have no choice.

So please remember, it is indeed your church, all are welcome, and if you would like to check us out, do see the notice boards for the times of Sunday services or visit www.apuldramchurch.co.uk

More information is available on our Baptism and Weddings pages.